Horseback riding
in Peruvian Paso Horses...

Apupacha Horse Adventure

Calle Triunfo 392 Int. 105, Cusco - Peru

Phone: (+51) 984 185863   RPM: (+51) #975 570070

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The name of our company, APUPACHA, comes from two quechuas words. APU, which means sacred mountain and PACHA, the mother of earth, time and space; it is a remembrance of the Andean cosmovision, and especially the Incan civilisation, which considered mountains to be protectors of the inhabitants of the valleys that were nurtured by water that came from its peaks.


APUPACHA will help you discover Peru, a megadiverse, pluricultural and multilingual country, and its richness of flora and fauna. We will also give you a chance to enter its much alive culture, in the context of rural community tourism, and you will discover the social programs we develop with some local communities.


Our company was born and developed in a system of respect, love, and conservation for nature and all that is part of it. Discovering beauty and adventure with us will be an unforgettable experience.