Horseback riding
in Peruvian Paso Horses...

Apupacha Horse Adventure

Calle Triunfo 392 Int. 105, Cusco - Peru

Phone: (+51) 984 185863   RPM: (+51) #975 570070

Mi estado
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Anthropologist and licensed Peruvian tour guide. He is a founder of APUPACHA, in love with his culture, nature, the world of horses and Peru.

He is also a fighter and dreamer who travels through time sharing his passion and knowledge.

He is responsible for the operation aspects of the company.

It will likely be his voice who will answer the phone and explain our services.

He will guide most of the trips.

He is motor by which the company operates and his charisma will accompany you in the adventure of discovery.



Hotel Management and Tourism Professional. Founded APUPACHA in order to achieve of dream that was born from a love of nature, horses and Peru. Her passion for different cultures and countries has given her the opportunity to discover the magic of the world, recognizing how similar humans are despite our differences of language and culture. She has an wealth of experience in tourism, through work in different countries and destinations.

Full of the Caribbean happiness that flows through her veins, as well as an endless and contagious energy.

She will be an important source of decision making. She will surely reply to your emails and you will read her writing in this website. 



Is a believer in the dreams of the creators of APUPACHA.  As well as being part of the family, he is a fundamental support who guarantees the security of the horses and the resources of the company. He ensures that all is ready before, during and at the end of each trip. Directly in the field, he is part of this wonderful adventure.



Arrived to us when his path was less privileged and thanks to his strength and tenacity has moved ahead. We consider him part of the family. He is basically works on the horses, a job he carries out with love and devotion. We hope he continues to devote his dedication to APUPACHA.


Our guides also form a crucial part of the chain that enriches the functioning of APUPACHA. They transmit their passion and knowledge directly in the field. The cooks are culinary historians who are able to prepare exquisite dishes at more than 3,300 meters. They teach us the flavors and colors of local food. They are present on the long term trips to ensure a pleasant experience.


The drivers are another fundamental part of APUPACHA’s programs; they transport us to the starting places and different destinations.


Finally, it is important we mention the rural communities with whom we work. Their populations, who are noble and hospitable by nature, are open to sharing their customs and culture, which is full of culture and flavor. We invite you to participate in the tours that include interaction with communities who APUPACHA supports. 



Without a team and supporters, the development of a company is not possible. Therefore, we would like to thank the people who continuously help us to continue growing, creating and caring for our resources. Thank you for the work, support, motivation and energy that you share with us!