Horseback riding
in Peruvian Paso Horses...

Apupacha Horse Adventure

Calle Triunfo 392 Int. 105, Cusco - Peru

Phone: (+51) 984 185863   RPM: (+51) #975 570070

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Welcome to the official website of APUPACHA, where we invite you to join us in ecological and responsible tourism.

Come with us and experience Peru, heart of the Incan Empire, and the region of its capital Cuzco, through the routes we explore with our noble and docile Peruvian horses.

You will live an unforgettable experience of impressive sights, unique culture, deep history and beautiful places, with magical scenery where beauty has no end.

“There is no better way to enjoy nature than horseback riding in the softness of the Peruvian paso llano"